Prices for transmission and access

The prices for access and transmission through the electricity distribution grid of ENERGO-PRO Grid AD are subject to regulation and are determined by decision of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) under the Energy Act and Ordinance No. 1 / 14.03.2017 on the regulation of the electricity prices.

By Decision -11 from 01.07.2018 the EWRC approved new prices according to which starting from 01.07.2018 "Electrodistribution North" AD provides access to and transmits electricity through the electricity distribution grid. The price for access to the electricity distribution grid is payable by all customers, connected to the electricity distribution grid.

Prices, VAT excluded, for access and transmission of electric power through the electricity distribution grid for customers of "Electrodistribution North" AD:

Tariff structure
Voltage type Price BGN/kWh
Transmission Access
Middle 0,01170 0.00854
Low 0.03278 0.00854

General principles of allocation of imbalances within the Special balancing group of ENERGO-PRO Sales AD in its capacity as end supplier (in Bulgarian)