ENERGO-PRO launches a project to the change the meter reading period, which will improve the quality of the service and customer care


Since the end of September the electricity meter reading will be done by employees of ENERGO-PRO

In the end of September, the electricity distribution company launches a major project to change the way of reading the electricity meters. The project is the result of extensive internal analysis of the effectiveness of current methods of reading, as well as exploring options to reduce electricity losses by introducing modern technologies.

Until now the meter reading was performed by a subcontractor company. Since the end of September this practice will be discontinued and meter reading will be done by trained professionals of ENERGO-PRO. Besides recording the readings of meters, which was the limitation of the work of the meter readers so far, the technically qualified employees of the company will be able to take up a position on a particular issue indicated by the client, which is within their competence.

Along with the reorganization of the process of reading the meters, ENERGO-PRO introduces also balance metering of the electricity. This is the technical method to monitor the quantities of electricity supplied to a certain transformer station and then distributed to the clients, which are power supplied from it. The balance metering system allows to locate places where there are losses of electricity and can therefore allows to take concrete measures. To achieve balance metering, it is necessary the clients to be power fed from a certain transformer station, to be read on the same date with it. It is exactly this that necessitates a change in the organization of the areas of reporting and optimization of the routes followed by the meter readers.

The project aims to improve the efficiency and quality of the meter reading, which inevitably affects the overall customer service. The project will contribute to the improvement of the processing of data and the effective control over both the reporting and the state of the electricity meter and the meter boxes. In addition, the lack of intermediary in this work will provide another opportunity for the company's direct customer contact and more effective communication.

Following the change in the process of reading the electricity, for some of the clients of ENERGO-PRO the date of the meter reading will be changed. Not surprisingly, the change is made during this period of the year, as traditionally the period between September and early October is characterized by low power consumption and thus the effect of changing the duration of the report on the accounts of customers would be smallest. During this transitional month it is possible for individual customers to have a longer or shorter than the standard reading period.

It is of vital importance that customers pay particular attention to the period covered by their energy bill in October, which they will pay in November.

The clients for whom the reporting period will be shorter than usual, have to expect smaller bills, as they will include consumption in fewer days. The next reporting period will be standard and the next bill will cover about 30 days.

For another part of the clients, the reporting period in the first month of the start of the project will be longer. To avoid this reorganization to lead to inconvenience to them and not to influence the planning process of energy costs, the company is considering the possibility of rescheduling of the liabilities. Any customer, who experiences difficulty in paying this bill, could submit a request to reschedule at the nearest customers service center.

The payment deadlines for the customers will not change and remain as before. For example, if a client has a maturity date of payment on the 10th of the month, he will continue to pay its obligation by the 10th date.

Detailed information about their individual date of the report, and the whole process of change in meter reading reporting, customers can get from the company's website, by phone on 0700 161 61, at , and the customer service centers.

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